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Steel Metal Handrails

Within the steelwork fabrication industry, a whole range of different products can be created from the materials in use. We specialise in the manufacture of various metal products such as steel hand railing.

Steel hand railing is particularly effective as its primary function is to make a staircase safer to use. When a hand rail is in place, people are able to go up and down a staircase with minimum risk as they have the support available to them.

So often we come across staircases which are not only a health hazard – but are actually illegal. We can advise on the most appropriate design for the needs of the project to ensure that safety is a number one concern for your company.

Steel Handrails for any purpose

CB Construction offer a whole range of different steel handrails to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Primarily our work is for the commercial and industrial sectors where the most important consideration is function. However, if you are looking for something stylish and something which not only makes a staircase safer but also helps make it look great too then we have a range of solutions that can suit whatever you need.

Why not get in touch with the details of your project, we would love to advise and recommend the most appropriate solution.

Steel Fabrication Projects

We work tirelessly on every project to ensure exceptional results upon the conclusion of a project. Check out the images opposite which demonstrate just a small selection of our recently completed work.

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