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Steel Fabrication Specialists
Providing service across the North East & throughout the United Kingdom

Steel Fabrication Service

As steel fabricators, we work on many aspects of steelwork from Mild Steel (available in various grades) right through to Stainless Steel and Cast Steel. Steel is such an amazing product that it is used in a wide range of products in industry and also in the home.

Projects large and small

We complete smaller fabrication such as hand railing and barriers to much larger structures like office block framing and large silos/steel chimney sections. Such is the flexibility of steel, there really is very little which cannot be made from it right from the smallest little washer through to large scale construction projects and products.

Accuracy and Attention to Detail

CB Construction offer machine finished tolerances where required on steel fabrication work.

Piping Fabrication & Repairs

Our work also includes Piping Fabrication and Piping Repairs. No matter whether it is a small 1″ pipe work repair and right through to larger duct type piping and silos around 3m in diameter – we have completed projects across this spectrum for a range of clients from mild steel and stainless steel too.

Where damage has occurred to existing pipework, we have on some projects applied over-plating to the affected area to produce a cost effective and strong repair.

Steel Fabrication Projects

We work tirelessly on every project to ensure exceptional results upon the conclusion of a project. Check out the images opposite which demonstrate just a small selection of our recently completed work.

Useful information about Steel Fabrication…

Steel – Flexible & Strong

Steel is a material that we come across and use in our everyday lives. For instance, your kitchen sink is likely to be stainless steel, and the vehicles you drive will also be made up of parts made from steel.

Steel is used for a whole manner of different products as it is one of the strongest materials for the job. With over 3,000 kinds of steel, the industry is large, global and complex. With that being said, the country that produces the largest amount of steel per year is China. Although, this will come with no surprise to many as China is also the country who uses the most steel annually.

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication can be completed through two main processes. The first process is a raw material approach as it requires the use of heat and pressure, which allows metal to be reshaped through cutting and welding. Most steel fabricators adopt this method.

The alternative approach would be to use an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), which is a much more efficient means of melting down the steel. This method is opted for less frequently, despite being a much quicker way to create steel. However, both methods of steel fabrication involve high temperatures, and a lot of labour-intensive work.

Steel Fabrication – Process

Aside from making steel itself, steel fabrication is the process of shaping, cutting and bending steel alloy to create a certain piece of metal. These pieces are then often connected and attached together to form a specific product.

These products are then marketable and become items that have a whole range of uses in the modern world. The process of steel fabrication is complex, and requires highly-skilled professional technicians to complete the job safely. A large element of this work is difficult and requires a keen eye, with little room for mistakes.

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Steel Fabrication

Design & manufacture of a wide range of buildings and products from steel.

Site Erection

We can provide full support throughout the design and build of any project

Galvanizing Service

We can arrange Galvanizing of your steel project to ensure a longer lasting project

Steel Buildings

We manufacture buildings of all sizes and shapes from steel

Shot Blasting

We provide specialist shot blasting services throughout the UK

Specialist Coatings

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